Get ready to build the hair kit of your dreams

 and follow along during our classes

Choosing a bag

There are many types of bags you can choose from and depending on which branch of hair you want to focus on (or how much stuff you want to carry) will determine the best bag or bags plural for you!

To bring a chair or not...

This will be up to you but a few options artists like are:

 *In the end you want to have one on hand that works for YOUR height

The just in case table...

This comes in handy for so many occasions. You might not always get a space that has a nice tabletop surface for you to set up on or maybe the makeup artist claimed dibs so you keep this option in your car

Setting up your SMA (Sanitary Maintenance Area)

When you work on location chances are you can't control everything in your environment. However, you can bring items to protect let's say that heirloom wooden table from your kit and hot tools or protect your kit from that not-so sanitary table. First thing is first - make sure you cleanse the area with a disinfectant wipe (any brand will do) you may also want to carry the following items:

At home cleaning

Artistry doesn't stop the moment you pack up your kit. Once you get your kit home it's time to remove any hair, clean and disinfect all your tools to style another day.

 *You can use a Sterilite box for your disinfectant mixture

The tools you will be cleaning the most...

Combs and brushes can be easily submerged in disinfectant but hot tools will have to be cleaned with alcohol


Combs are usually made out of nylon or our favorite - Carbon:


Brushes typically use boar, nylon or a mixture for different styling purposes:

Hot tools

These will be your workhorses and there are many different types and brands but these are a few of our favorites:

High end hot tools

Want to try something more top shelf? Check out these hot tools from GHDT3, or Bio Ionic. You can even try your hand at rotating Stylewinder iron.

The bits and bobs

These are the items you will mostly be restocking or are essential to styling. 


Hair Products

When building a hair styling kit, it's important to have the right products to get the job done. There are a variety of essential products to consider, and depending on the type of styling you do, you may also want to include additional products.


While these items are often sold in a travel size version, chances are you will want a full size for multiple clients.

Heat Protectant

Flexible Hold Hairspray

L'Oreal Strong Hold Hairspray or Kenra Strong Hold Hairspray

Dry Shampoo

Texture Spray

TIGI Shine Spray or Kenra Shine Spray

Dry Oil (Optional)

Mousse (Optional)

Freeze Hold Hairspray (Optional)

Liquids or Depottable

These items have the one major advantage and that is they can be depotted into smaller containers to save room in your kit!

Liquid Heat Protectant + Hold

Liquid Strong Hairspray

Volume Powder


Smoothing Cream


Edge Tamer

Shine / Gloss (Optional)

Perfect Practice

While a live model is ideal to work on, having a dollhead is key to following along and practicing new styles. Below are some of the ones we've used at the academy which students have loved and used...

Training Head

28-30" 100% Human Hair Mannequin Head

View Specs


100% Human Hair Cosmetology Afro Hair Manikin Head

View Specs



24" Cosmetology (Heavy Density) with shoulder Human Hair Mannequin

View Specs

Some other favorites

If you are looking for the top of the line or if budget isn't in your vocab - check out the mannequins form L'IMAGE and PIVOT POINT.

Dollhead stands

Some mannequin heads will come with a table top clamp but most artists prefer one that is more mobile like THIS stand.

Bridal trial accessories

It's always a good idea to have on hand common bridal hair accessories to place during the trial especially if your client has not purchased theirs or forgot to bring them to the trial.