How To Create A Killer Instagram While You Are Still In School

Starting to get your name out there in the beauty world while you’re in still in school can be such a huge advantage when it comes time to launching your career. Letting people know your exist and creating a reliable reputation for yourself can make all the difference!

Social media is one of the best ways we can market ourselves, our skills, and our services. This is a visual business after all, and Instagram is a tool you need to be using and taking advantage of. Whether you’re pursuing hair, makeup, or another avenue of the beauty industry, with the click of a button you can get your name, skills and passion out to the world.

We aren't going to lie, creating a name for yourself on social media can take a lot of time and energy. So getting started now with these five steps to creating a beauty portfolio on Instagram can really help lay the foundation. As you follow these steps, you’ll be able to share your passion, see your progress, and get a good start on your future!

1. Create Your Brand

One of the most effective ways you can set yourself apart from others is through your brand! A brand is the way people see your mission, vision, and values as a person and business. When done right, users can see your photo with a caption and automatically know it’s your work and ultimately turn into clients. We dive into branding as a whole more in-depth in our business courses. But to get you started, a good brand consists of:

  • Your name

  • Your logo

  • Your color scheme

  • Your voice

  • And your values

A username, otherwise known as your handle, is usually your name or your business. It’s a good idea to keep as close to your name or your business as possible but also make it memorable and something that could set you apart from others.

If you do decide to use a more memorable username, make sure to include your real name in the name so that people know who you are.

Here are some examples:

  • @alfonsoartistry – This Alchemy Grad created his username while in school to start a profile that is separate from his personal profile. This is also the name of Alfonso's artistry business to keep it unified with the rest of his branding.

  • @chelsearaehair – This cosmetologist and guest speaker in our hair courses has a username that’s simple and to the point. You immediately recognize that she does hair, but you can also easily find her by searching her name Chelsea Rae.

In your bio, which is located right under your name, choose to highlight who your profile is for and what you offer those who follow you! Be sure to include your location!

Your Logo

Your logo is one of the first things you should establish for your brand! If you already have a logo you may want to make this the first post. Or you can also use your logo as your profile picture. It’s a fun way for you to introduce yourself to the instagram world!

A photo of yourself, like what we offer in our Professional Artist Headshot Workshop along with the caption that lists your services and everything else you would like to mention is another option to use as a profile picture and to introduce yourself in your first post. Whatever way you choose, be you!

Your Color Scheme

The color scheme is not only important for your logo but for your whole overall Instagram Aesthetic. Your color scheme also helps establish your brand! When it comes to your branding colors, we suggest choosing three to four colors. One that is a base, one to two that are accents, and one that is a neutral color. This will give enough colors to work with and create some amazing branding elements such as a logo and when using fun assets to put on your photos.

Your Voice

When it comes to your brand, always be you! One of the best ways people will get to know you and your brand is through your voice. Staying true to yourself helps your brand and your business stay consistent. Those that follow you will appreciate the value you bring to the table. Don’t give them what you think they want. Give them what you have that they need!

Your Values

Choosing values for your brand can shape the way you create content whether it’s with your photos, videos, or captions. Values can help you know what you stand for and communicate that effectively to the Instagram world.

Choose three words that describe you and your business. Then, as you create content always ask yourself if that content piece helps others see those three values. If it does, you’re creating content that’s on brand!

2. Choose A Theme

Now is the time to choose a theme! The magic of your Instagram portfolio happens here. You start to think about the long-term of your Instagram beauty profile and what you want it to look like when someone hits on your profile. It’s where people get to see you and your work, and decide whether or not they want to follow along.

Deciding on a theme can be a little overwhelming because there are so many themes to choose from. To make it as simple as we can, here are two questions you can answer to help you decide on a theme:

  • What beauty account themes do I follow that make me feel drawn in by?

  • What specific content do I like to see on their feed?

Deciding on what content to post can be fun! Plan ahead so that you can be aware of what content you need to create, when to post, and how it will look next to other content. Some people even opt for following a certain pattern when posting. Whatever you decide, aim to create an aesthetically pleasing theme. Here are some great content ideas to get started:

  • Hair and/or Makeup transformation photos and videos

  • Beauty tips

  • Product recommendations

  • Fun quotes that inspire you

  • Behind-the-scenes photos of you in your element

  • Topics you are learning in class

3. Use The Tools Instagram Has

Instagram just keeps coming out with more and more ways to engage with your audience. Stories on Instagram have a number of fun options for you to create engaging and interesting content. Some of the tools you should be taking advantage of are:

  • Polls

  • Quizzes

  • Tag Your location

  • Hashtags

  • Questions

  • Countdowns

  • Reels

Keeping your audience engaged and involved will create a community of loyal followers!

4. Choose Your Hashtags

Hashtags are more of a tool to reach other people outside of your own followers. For example, if someone searches the hashtag #sandiegomakeupschool, all the recent photos with that hashtag will pop up. If that person finds a post they like with that hashtag, they could potentially go to that profile and choose to follow along. That’s one of the most important reasons you should take advantage of hashtags.

The most hashtags you can put on a post are 30. Don't spam with the hashtags and create better user-experience by only use the hashtags that are relevant to your post though. If you can only think of ten relevant hashtags, that’s okay. It’s better to use ten relevant hashtags than using 30 hashtags that won’t do your post any good.

5. Post Consistently

When it comes to Instagram’s algorithm, posting consistently will help get your posts shown to more people, plus it also keeps you at the top of your follower’s minds. Whether it’s once a day, or three times a week, stay consistent with your posting schedule!

Posting consistently means you need to create more content and have it readily available to post. There are useful programs out there like Later, Planoly, Plann, or Preview that can help you plan ahead and see how your feed will look. Remember that creating quality always beats out the quantity of content. The goal is to have quality and quantity, but quality over quantity is best so make sure you’re curating a fun and amazing feed!

During our Makeup & Hair courses you will have days when you are working on models and we challenge all our students to always take pictures of their work. This not only helps students to start training their eye to see what a camera sees and be able to look back at their progress, but also gives you great content to get your instagram started!

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