SELF-CARE: For Beauty Industry Pros

Putting yourself first allows you to continue to grow in your business, we all know the real danger of burnout! Here at Alchemy Beauty Academy we are dedicated to teaching our students how to avoid the fear of burnout by incorporating self care techniques from the start!

Today we want to share a snippet from one of the techniques taught in the Business Philosophy Course to start each day out right that is a part of the ‘Miracle Morning’ concept, this particular one will walk you through how to ‘Bubble Up‘!

‘Imagine a Bubble filled with light and love, it’s big enough that you know you can be encapsulated by it. Mentally walk in to the bubble, surround you and take in it’s energy. The bubble protects you from everything around you. This bubble is reflective, it pushes energy back to everyone outside of your bubble. This prevents any outside energy from impacting you. We have this mental power within us, it can be taken with us anywhere and used any time.’

Now that you know how to create your own energy bubble here are three simple ways to incorporate self care into your daily routine.

Journaling (Mind) Sometimes you just need a little clarity, and journaling can be a great outlet! Decide what method works best for you, either online with a tablet or computer or the old fashioned way, pen and paper! Choose a time each day that works best for you, first thing in the morning to organize your day, or maybe right before bed to ‘Brain Dump’ your thoughts from the day. Because we’re constantly multitasking as business owners, use these journal prompts to become part of your captions for Social Media! This incorporates your voice and personality in to your brand.

Yoga and Stretching (Body) Often, we put ourselves last as service providers. A moment of stretching is a great way to give back to yourself. Just doing a simple series of great stretches can recharge your body for the remainder of your day. Here is a simple flow that you can do any time- Childs Pose, Forward Fold, and Cat Cow because these three focus on the lower back. As beauty pros, hunching over clients or a computer can be strenuous day in and day out. Carve out a few minutes each day to practice these stretches and your body will be better prepared for what’s ahead!

Breath (Spirit) We all know clients can zap your energy! Sometimes we absorb this energy no matter how hard we try not to! Using breathing techniques can help regain that power! Sometimes you can physically shake out the energy, releasing tension and stress. Deep breathing needs to be intentional, clear the mind by sitting or laying down and putting a hand on your chest and belly. You want to feel your hands moving as you breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. This brief sequence of breath can feel as energizing as a cup of coffee, without the caffeine crash!

Want to save these techniques in an easy printout? We've got you covered! Click HERE to see all the freebies and download the Self-Care Guide. If you're curious about the interview we did for Independent Beauty Pros click HERE to check it out!



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