Top Tips for Balancing Beauty School & Life

Ways to Balance School & Life

You did your research, toured the school, picked the right one for you, signed up for your courses, and are about to start! There’s so much to look forward to when you’re about ready to start beauty school whether it's a specialized academy like what we offer, or a state-board regulated licensure program. Learning new things, meeting new friends, and pursuing what you love are just a few of the things you can anticipate.

At Alchemy Beauty Academy, we want you to have a great experience not only during your time with us in your classes at school, but also figuring out how to fit it all in with your day-to-day life as well. Here are some tips on how you can balance beauty school and life when things feel a bit crazy.


Figuring out what your future schedule will look like for the next several months is important for your time management. There are plenty of different ways to adjust your schedule to attend the school of your dreams.

There’s a possibility that you can go to school and focus solely on your education. However, there are plenty of people who decide to go to beauty school as well as have a part-time job! We hold classes during the day so that our students can do homework, have a job, and spend time with friends and family in the evening and on weekends.

Did you know we chose our class schedule to specifically help our students have more balance in their lives? Our classes meet Monday through Thursday from 10am-3pm, which allows students to potentially start a job within the beauty industry before they even graduate.


Once you have a schedule mapped out, make sure that you develop a routine and try to stick to it! The importance of a consistent schedule should never be underestimated when it comes to balancing school and life. Whether it’s a schedule for sleep, eating, work, or school, consistency in your everyday routine can help you manage everything you will have on your plate during your studies!

Keeping a consistent schedule can allow you to plan out further and know how much extra time you might have available to have fun while still being on top of your responsibilities! Using a physical or digital planner or calendar are helpful tools to use.

For those who enroll in our business programs you will be gifted The Freelancer: makeup and hair edition planner on your first day of classes so you can utilize it to help you keep track of your schedule!


Having a consistent schedule makes sure your brain and body are healthy and alert to help you learn in school and carry out your responsibilities at work and at home. Some things you can do to keep yourself in top-notch is eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and drinking plenty of fluids!

We have a break area for students to use during lunch so they can bring their lunch, sit back and relax while using our free WIFI. If a packed lunch isn't your thing there is a plethora of food options all within 5-10min, this is something that is great to research before your first day of classes so you can see what your options are! If you prefer to go outdoors for a mental break while on lunch maybe try going for a walk and see how you feel afterward!


While working hard is important, knowing when to step back and relax is also essential to a healthy balanced day. Remember to take time out of your day, your week, or your month for some self-care! Do something fun with a friend, introduce meditation into your life, or schedule a weekend off to rest and recharge! Choose whatever works best for you to let your body and mind release any tension or worries!

Self-care can help boost your physical and emotional health to lead to long-term feelings of well-being.

This is something we really think is important so we dove into this a bit further in a blog specifically about Self-Care for Beauty Pros so you can check that out for some great ideas of how to incorporate a little self-care into your routine.

Another way to practice self-care and being kind to yourself is remembering to take breaks throughout the day. Make sure that you don’t face burnout before you have even finished your training by forgetting to step back and give yourself a break.

Taking breaks has been proven to reduce stress, maintain performance throughout the day as well as minimize the recovery time needed at the end of the day! They’re so important! This is why we include a break mid way through the day to ensure our students aren't overwhelmed even though we cover so much in each and every class.


Last but not least, don’t forget to reward yourself after big growing and learning experiences! Rewarding yourself can help keep you motivated with positive reinforcement that you’re doing great! Take yourself out to dinner after a particularly hard exam, or let yourself buy that cute new outfit you’ve had your eye on when you get a perfect score on a project!

Make sure your reward fits the accomplishment too! It might not be the best idea to take yourself out to an expensive dinner every time you submit a homework assignment- that could add up fast! (and yes you will have homework at beauty school). However, you might treat yourself to that new pricey product or tool you have had your eye on for your kit when you pass a course, and reward yourself with an extra hour to watch your favorite show when you complete a difficult assignment.

Learn How To Balance Beauty School Into Your Schedule

Let us help you build out your schedule! We’re excited to help you get started toward your path in the beauty industry and set you up for success while a student with us. No matter what program you’re interested in, we can talk about different options to help you get started at Alchemy Beauty Academy. Our team is eager to help you start toward your future in beauty.



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